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Flower Display Page: Physostegia.

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Family description Physostegia.

Physostegia, otherwise known as the obedient flower, is a hardy herbaceous perennial that will do well in damp sunny spots. The common name is derived from the fact that the individual flowers can be pushed with your finger, to face in almost any direction. A flower on a hinge that amuses little children and some gardeners.

General care.

New shoots grow annually from the rootstock and little summer care is required. In early autumn, cut the stems down completely to ground level and tidy the area. During the winter months, long established clumps may require lifting with a fork, the rootstock divided, and the best clumps returned to the same spot after cultivating the area. An application of fertilizer or manure in early spring will ensure the plants get away to a good start. Taller varieties may require staking, but most will remain neat and tidy.

Notes on Toxicity or Culinary usage.

No toxic, culinary or medicinal properties known.


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Species description. Physostegia virginiana.

The most common species is Physostegia virginiana. The colours vary from white to pink or mauve and will grow 50cm - 100cm high with slightly less spread.

Plant in flower
Close-up of blooms

Display characteristics for Physostegia virginiana.

Flower colours and blooming period.


Foliage colours and disply period


Fruit colours and fruiting period

  • Plant type: Dicotyledon. Deciduous
  • Habit: Erect
  • Type: Herbaceous.
  • Height: 1.00 mtr.
  • Spread: 0.60 mtr.
  • Attractive to wildlife: None
  • Preferred soil type: Clay. Gravel. Loam. Sand. Silt. Peat.
  • Soil moisture requirement: Medium
  • Soil ph: Undefined
  • Suitable position: Border.
  • Light requirements: Full sun. Part sun.
  • Summer water requirements: Medium
  • Winter water requirements: None
  • Minimum temperature: -8 °c
  • Safe Minimum temperature: -3 °c
  • Safe Maximum temperature: 30 °c
  • Maximum temperature: 0 °c
  • Wind tolerance: Low
  • Salt tolerance: None
  • Drought tolerance: Low
  • Waterlogging tolerance: Medium
  • Toxicity-Edibility: Unknown
  • Bloom attributes: Undefined
  • Foliage attributes: Undefined
  • Berry attributes: Undefined