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This Month's Gardening Tasks.


Garden maintenance.

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No more excuses. Find out what needs to be done this month to keep your garden neat and tidy.

Specific Gardening tasks.

Moriati's Compost Method.

Find out how to make the finest garden compost using the minimum of effort and money. This article remains pretty much in its original form as it appeared in 1998 apart from the gradual addition of photos. Moriati not only invented this method of composting, he is also responsible for the now common term 'Green Dalek'.

Making neat lawn edges.

Edges of the lawn can make or break the beauty of your garden. Learn how to make nice edges to your lawn in this step-by-step guide.

Sweeping leaves.

Don't you just love them. One minute they look lovely on the trees, next they are all over the garden. The only easy way to deal with this is to pay someone else to do it, but why do so many folks insist on making the task as hard as possible for themselves? Get clued up.

Caring for Wisteria.

Wisteria is one of those plants that when grown well is a classical show stopper, but in the wrong hands can stubbornly refuse to flower.

Caring for Hydrangea.

Hydrangea plants require complex pruning once a year if they are to be a real asset to the garden. Step-by-step guide with photos.

Coming shortly..

Tools of the Trade.


Caring for Lawns.


Caring for Hedges.


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December's Garden Tasks.

December must be the most depressing month of the year for any gardener. Few flowers bother to make an appearance, the glorious colours of autumn foliage is now just litter on the ground, and the weather is constantly cold and wet. Add to this the fact that nightfall sets in long before most people get home and there is rarely enough time to get anything meaningful done.

This month it is time to put the garden to bed and rest out the shortest days of the year. Keep clearing the leaves and dead flowers to prevent them turning into rotting piles all over the garden, and make sure all furniture, hose pipes and kiddies toys are stored away for the worst of the winter.

List of tasks.


Leaves: Don't you just love them. One minute you are thinking that you have this gardening game sorted for the rest of the year, next, the garden is covered in leaves. They seem to have a grudge against you as they blow down the street past all your friends houses, only to turn into your gateway.

Piles of fallen leaves, when left on the ground present a safety hazard as the paving remains constantly wet and slippery. Leaves allowed to lie on lawns and flowerbeds can damage any carefully manicured plants and encourage moss to grow.

Clearing leaves should be a weekly job from now onwards until all are gathered away. This will normally be about the middle of December, but will vary according to the location and amount of trees nearby.

If you are pressed for time, concentrate on keeping pathways clear, then tackle the lawn. Lawns must be cleared regularly and never allow the leaves to pile up. This will kill off the grass and produce mossy patches that will be difficult to eradicate. Small quantities of leaves are unsightly rather than a problem, so concentrate on the volume if time is pressing.

All these leaves will make top grade compost, and composting is the easiest method of disposing of large quantities of wet leaves.



Take full advantage of any warm sunny spells to get your garden as tidy as possible before Christmas, but even if the weather does turn mild for a short time, do not lose sight of your coat and woollies.

Next month I will focus on the details of the tasks required to help you to bring your garden up to the highest standards with the minimum of effort. The secret of keeping a quality garden is doing the right jobs at the right time, using the right tools and methods.

Meanwhile, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.