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This Month's Gardening Tasks.


Garden maintenance.

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No more excuses. Find out what needs to be done this month to keep your garden neat and tidy.

Specific Gardening tasks.

Moriati's Compost Method.

Find out how to make the finest garden compost using the minimum of effort and money. This article remains pretty much in its original form as it appeared in 1998 apart from the gradual addition of photos. Moriati not only invented this method of composting, he is also responsible for the now common term 'Green Dalek'.

Making neat lawn edges.

Edges of the lawn can make or break the beauty of your garden. Learn how to make nice edges to your lawn in this step-by-step guide.

Sweeping leaves.

Don't you just love them. One minute they look lovely on the trees, next they are all over the garden. The only easy way to deal with this is to pay someone else to do it, but why do so many folks insist on making the task as hard as possible for themselves? Get clued up.

Caring for Wisteria.

Wisteria is one of those plants that when grown well is a classical show stopper, but in the wrong hands can stubbornly refuse to flower.

Caring for Hydrangea.

Hydrangea plants require complex pruning once a year if they are to be a real asset to the garden. Step-by-step guide with photos.

Coming shortly..

Tools of the Trade.


Caring for Lawns.


Caring for Hedges.


Image of Topical Task.

April"s Garden Tasks.

April is one of the busiest months of the year as the warmer days cause a sudden spurt when everything bursts into life and grows like mad. There is no time left for slacking now. Fall behind and stay behind all summer.

There are a few tasks at the top of the list that are once-a-year jobs, and if these have already been done they can be ignored. Any pruning tasks still not done will require urgent attention as the plants will soon be growing fresh shoots.

If you want a nice garden this summer without it becoming your prison cage, it is vital that you now make an effort to settle into a regular weekly maintenance routine to keep the garden under control. Lawns now require mowing weekly for the best results, and weeds will take over the flowerbeds if given the chance.

Finally, do not be tempted to buy summer bedding plants yet. They will look delightful in the shop but one cold night may kill them.

List of tasks.


Ensure that pathways are clear such that normal walking is not impeded in any way. Nothing is worse than walking into dripping wet leaves or manoeuvring round overhanging branches while walking along a path. Trim back any branches that stick out into the walking area.

Consider the bottom levels as well. Plants that flop onto the path make the task of sweeping that much harder than is really necessary. If the broom has clear space, it will not snag the bushes causing more leaves to fall.


April summary.

Many of the tasks in this month's list will have been done during the past two months, and other items may seem like overkill, but they are all cunningly devised to make the summer routine easier, while maintaining the highest standards. Anyone visiting this site for the first time may be daunted by the size of the list, but several months of quiet times have already slipped by. Try to make the effort to do as many of these jobs as possible where applicable.

We are now entering the busiest time of the year and if you want your garden to be a real asset, you now have to give 100% effort. No longer can you afford to postpone gardening until next week. A lot of weeds grow in one week.