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This Month's Gardening Tasks.


Garden maintenance.

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No more excuses. Find out what needs to be done this month to keep your garden neat and tidy.

Specific Gardening tasks.

Moriati's Compost Method.

Find out how to make the finest garden compost using the minimum of effort and money. This article remains pretty much in its original form as it appeared in 1998 apart from the gradual addition of photos. Moriati not only invented this method of composting, he is also responsible for the now common term 'Green Dalek'.

Making neat lawn edges.

Edges of the lawn can make or break the beauty of your garden. Learn how to make nice edges to your lawn in this step-by-step guide.

Sweeping leaves.

Don't you just love them. One minute they look lovely on the trees, next they are all over the garden. The only easy way to deal with this is to pay someone else to do it, but why do so many folks insist on making the task as hard as possible for themselves? Get clued up.

Caring for Wisteria.

Wisteria is one of those plants that when grown well is a classical show stopper, but in the wrong hands can stubbornly refuse to flower.

Caring for Hydrangea.

Hydrangea plants require complex pruning once a year if they are to be a real asset to the garden. Step-by-step guide with photos.

Coming shortly..

Tools of the Trade.


Caring for Lawns.


Caring for Hedges.


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October's Garden tasks.

This month heralds a change of season as the cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours bring summer to an end. We now have a few weeks to prepare for this change, and this month's long list of tasks is directed towards preparing for the autumn and winter season.

Not all tasks will apply to every gardener and most are quite simple one-off jobs. Whilst it may be ok to leave some of these tasks until next month if you live in the south of England, northern counties may already be experiencing overnight frosts. Some judgement on your part may be necessary, as the English climate can be extremely fickle. Losing control of the garden at this time of the year will generate large amounts of unnecessary work in the following months when working conditions will be far from favourable and the available daylight hours severely reduced. Do not delay, do it today.

List of tasks.


Spring-flowering bulbs require planting in the early autumn months to allow the bulbs to develop a healthy root system before the onset of winter. While most bulbs can wait until late October or even November before planting, the garden centres will have sold out of the best colours long before then, so try to order or buy any new stock as soon as possible.

If you are unable to plant your bulbs for some time, make sure to store bulbs somewhere cool and dark until you are ready. This will stop them trying to grow and lose vigour.

Many specialist bulb growers now operate on the Internet, and driving round the cyber stores in the rain is much more fun than getting stuck in traffic.

Try to get all bulbs safely planted before the end of the month if possible, as this will give them plenty of time to get established. Not much growth will be visible until well into the new year, but the roots will develop into a strong anchorage.


Summary October

Preparation for the seasons change has been the theme for this month's tasks. Clear out the old, make way for the new and get ready for the deluge of fallen leaves if you have any trees nearby.

All tender plants must be brought into a sheltered position for the duration of the winter unless you are willing to take chances, or write them off. Herbaceous plants and summer bulbs require labelling while their positions are still obvious to mark the spot where they lay.

There is no time left for relaxing. October is a busy month with variable weather conditions, so take full advantage of any warm sunny spells to do as many tasks on the list as possible.