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This Month's Gardening Tasks.


Garden maintenance.

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No more excuses. Find out what needs to be done this month to keep your garden neat and tidy.

Specific Gardening tasks.

Moriati's Compost Method.

Find out how to make the finest garden compost using the minimum of effort and money. This article remains pretty much in its original form as it appeared in 1998 apart from the gradual addition of photos. Moriati not only invented this method of composting, he is also responsible for the now common term 'Green Dalek'.

Making neat lawn edges.

Edges of the lawn can make or break the beauty of your garden. Learn how to make nice edges to your lawn in this step-by-step guide.

Sweeping leaves.

Don't you just love them. One minute they look lovely on the trees, next they are all over the garden. The only easy way to deal with this is to pay someone else to do it, but why do so many folks insist on making the task as hard as possible for themselves? Get clued up.

Caring for Wisteria.

Wisteria is one of those plants that when grown well is a classical show stopper, but in the wrong hands can stubbornly refuse to flower.

Caring for Hydrangea.

Hydrangea plants require complex pruning once a year if they are to be a real asset to the garden. Step-by-step guide with photos.

Coming shortly..

Tools of the Trade.


Caring for Lawns.


Caring for Hedges.


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August's Garden Tasks.

Now it's time to reap the rewards of all the hard work done earlier in the year. Take time now to sit back and enjoy the flowers, and with any luck, the sunshine too.

There are still plenty of jobs to do in the garden, but if tackled on a regular basis, the workload should be kept to a minimum. The main priority is always the watering. This is so easily overlooked until the floppy flowers or the brown grass draws your attention to the problem.

There is no list to catch up or get ahead this month, just a list of nags for all the regular weekly duties.

List of tasks.


Early in the season, if you have apple or pear trees growing in the lawn, you will have noticed quite a number of small fruit falling off the trees. This is known as the June drop and is perfectly normal.

The June drop starts towards the end of June, although usually goes unnoticed at first due to the small size of the fruit. This drop continues unabated throughout the season until every last one falls off, unless the gardener gets there first and borrows some.

Once autumn approaches, the amount of fruit falling from the trees can be appreciable and the weight and mess horrendous. If left to rot, your lawn will turn into a cider factory and become a magnet for many pests.

This fruit should be raked up at least once a week, preferably just before mowing the lawn. If left to lay where they fall, they become an attraction for flies and wasps, and can decay into a mess that will spoil the lawn and make walking in the area unpleasant.


Summary for August

Now, at the height of summer, little and often is the key to keeping the garden in top condition without it becoming a prison sentence. Water the plants and lawn regularly, and deadhead flowers as the blooms fade.

Heavy tasks such as lawn mowing or hedge cutting should not be put off for too long. These little jobs should not take more than a couple of hours per week for the average town garden at this time of the year. Spread out over the week that amounts to only 20 mins or so per day.

Finally, don't forget the sun cream.